What is BuzzWorker?

Topic: General | Updated: 17/03/2014

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BuzzWorker is a crowdsourcing marketplace for graphic design. With BuzzWorker you'll be able to work with quality freelancers from around the globe at a fraction of the price. BuzzWorker is powered by a global community of graphic designers and businesses.

You can crowdsource virtually any creative project on BuzzWorker - from logo design to website design to t-shirt design and receive design ideas from designers from around the world within a few days!

BuzzWorker give you access to a virtual team of graphic designs from around the globe allowing you to explore the very best design talents that is available. BuzzWorker's design contest are ideal for businesses who do not have a freelancer or any in-house designers, we have designers waiting for you.

Designers compete against one another in design contest to win the prize. BuzzWorker offers designers an opportunity to work part-time or full-time, without the trouble and expense of self-promotion. Buzzworker's aim is to provide constant work for designers allowing them to build their portfolios, build a cliental, be connected with other passionate designs, work in their own time and get paid.

Here are some of the benefits to use BuzzWorker:

  • Get hundreds of design ideas, but only pay for one! Designers compete against one another by submitting their ideas, you could receive hundreds of entries. All trying to provide you the best entry.

  • Design Contest are very Cost Efficient. The contest holder gets to choose the contest prize they want to pay.

  • Design Contest are Fast and Efficient. On BuzzWorker the average design contest last for just 7 days. Once the contest has ended you'll be sent all the files required and your new design will be ready to use straight away!

  • Risk FREE with money back guarantee. For the rare occasion you're not 100% happy with the designs you've received, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Total control over your designs. Each design submitted to a contest are custom-made to your requirements. If there is any changes needed, no problem! Just ask the designer via the comment section on the contest to request changes.

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